Platform Bed Full

platform bed full
How to make my room seem BIGGER?

My room isn’t that big and I am going for the college dorm look. You know a place where my friends and I can hang and still be used as a bedroom?… Anyways It is small and I have rearranged my room several times and I can’t put everything together in a way I like. This is basically my room…

-Full size bed (has a platform that adds about seven inches more on each side)
-A Tube TV on a tall book shelf put on the side on top of 2 end tables.
-A Small Dresser (thank goodness)
-A Chair (would like to add a couch)
-An Extra Dresser (that needs to go to my cousins, that’s another story)
-Wall Art
-Use 3 Main Colors:
*Red (my wall art)
*Black (my furniture)
*Tan (color of the walls)

So if you have any suggestions, ideas, or even solutions please help my mess of a “bedroom” into a cool place for my friends and I to hang out.

Oh Yeah… I recently turned 15 (Nov.) and is a male. Remember Male, Very Important. @^.^@

It’s hard to know exactly what to recommend without knowing the dimensions and shape of the room. I also don’t know what shade of tan your room is, but if it is a medium to dark shade, you might consider painting the room a lighter color. Lighter colors make a room appear to be larger.

As far as the furniture is concerned, It sounds like you’re trying to fit a lot of it into this space.You may want to get rid of your tv shelf/end table combo and get a small, light colored tv stand that has some extra storage room in it. You may also want to consider downsizing your bed from full size to single, or selling it and buying a daybed. If you decide to get a daybed (there are a few masculine looking ones out there) it would provide the seating you need as well as a comfortable place to sleep. You could use the existing chair with the daybed, throw down a cool area rug, hang your wall art, and create a spot for you and your friends to hang out.

There are a lot of websites online that have pictures of dorm rooms and ways to maximize their space. You may want to check these out and see if there are some ideas that you can use for your room. Just make sure that the ideas fit your personality as well as help with your space problem.

Hope this helps. Good luck!

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